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Wild Raven Adventure

I love this picture because ...

Lake Winnipeg, Canada

I love this picture because it tells a story. It shows Jasmine looking at the north horizon over Lake Winnipeg. She is calm and serene. In a distance, Pierre is picking up some dried wood for a campfire. This image was captured on Lake Winnipeg after a difficult day of canoeing around the eastern tip of Long Point. At the eastern end of this piece of land, the conditions became more challenging (the weather forecast was definitively wrong). The water was still cold at this time of the year (May) and we wore our dry suits. Breaking waves reached 18 feet in height and pushed us towards the coast. No safe place to stop. With endurance, a good reading of the waves pattern and an efficient technique, we progressed. When it came the time to make a 90 degree turn to the west and follow Long Point north shore, we were surprised by a freak wave that swept the deck of the canoe and almost capsized us. At that moment, Jasmine jumped in the air, like a cat with her fours paw at the same time, and felt back on the deck of the canoe. She was not happy and was eager to report it by yapping after Pierre (which she held responsible for the incident ... still to this day, she believes that Pierre is voluntary throwing water at her 😉 ). The first thing she did once we arrived on the beach was to roll over the warm sand. Then, she remained quiet throughout the evening enjoying, just like us, the present moment and the unique atmosphere of this place.

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