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Wild Raven Adventure

Gibsons, BC

We spend the past two days Gibsons and will be leaving today. It seems like we have been longer, feels like as if a part of us will always remains here. We were so well received. We had so many deep moments. People have touch our hearts. We will be forever grateful. We are not saying goodbye. We are just saying see you soon. Sunshine Coast and its people are unique and beautiful. On Thursday, we met with the fantastic and dynamic Gibsons Paddle Club members. Ed and Donna came picked us up in Sechelt as the weather was not good to paddle. We had a potluck and gave a presentation. We had the opportunity also to receive great gifts and learn so much about the culture of the club and the coast (more to come on the blog). It was touching. It was deep. Then, Kathy and Phil invited us to stay at their home for the remaining of our stay in Gibsons. What a lovely, caring, charming, kind and generous couple. We enjoyed very much our stay with them and every minute spend with them. They are truly amazing individuals. Yesterday morning, we went paddling with the club in outriggers. Wow! What a fun experience. It was great that we had the chance to try this type of paddling. Last night, we had dinner with Noelline and André. Again, we had so much fun. What a lovely dinner and nice couple. Too bad we could spend more time with them. But we know we will meet again. We have lots in commun. Thank you all for your welcomes and sharing and all the opportunities you have all offered us.

Gibsons Paddle Club members

Phil & Kathy

Gibsons Paddle Club Outrigger

Jen & Ed

Pierre & Pat

André & Noelline

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