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Wild Raven Adventure

Week of February 5, 2017

The week started quiet despite the intense and persistent wind. The waves, at the end of the first bay, were such (due to the wind) that even the Georgia Master (ferry boat for workers) had to turn back. That boat is seaworthy and can take major sea. So it was out of the question for us to try our luck in such conditions, although our haste to paddle told us otherwise.

There was an “arctic outflow” in effect for the area throughout the week. Even if the thermometer showed -7C, the temperature felt was -21C. A big difference. By definition (Environment Canada): "an Arctic Outflow warning is issued when air from a stinging cold flows from the interior to the coastal communities and the winds cause a wind chill of - 20 or colder for at least 6 hours ".

Thanks to Betty, we were able to do grocery in anticipation of our waiting days. Pierre also helped James and Kevin for dock repairs. Thursday morning, I met Everett and Noah in Kitamaat Village. They provided important information about the Haisla trappers cabins that are located in the area. These cabins are accessible to everyone and we will be able to enjoy it. The Haisla Nation take care of them. Noah also gave us a nice piece of halibut.

Then I saw Tracey and Candice again. And I participated in the luncheon organized for the elders of Kitamaat Village. Marilyn invites us every Tuesday and Thursday. The exchanges with the people of the village are very interesting. We would like to thank the entire Haisla community for sharing their stories with us and for their warm greetings. We felt welcome.

Friday evening, we were invited to spend the evening at Manon and Louis home. Originally from Saguenay, Quebec, they moved to Kitimat many years ago. An opportunity to work for Rio Tinto made them cross the country and settle here. People, landscapes, nature and all the outdoor opportunities convinced them to stay in Kitimat. Here, it is at home now for them. It is here that they want to spend the rest of their lives. We met their friends and neighbors. The fraternity and friendship that spread through the evening made us realize how strong and true relationships are.

On Saturday night, we were invited by Betty and her husband Jurgen to have dinner with them and spend the evening at their house. Betty is an outstanding cook. She prepared typical German dishes. It was so delicious. We laughed a lot and loved their company. Another beautiful friendship was created.

The bad weather has forced us to stay here. But honestly, we loved our stay. Kitimat and its people; Kitamaat Village and the Haisla Nation, greatly charmed us.

According to the weather, it is this week that we will finally take our place back in our canoe, after a winter that will have lasted four months for us. When we will leave, you will be able to start following our journey via our inReach-powered page (go to our website and click on "Follow us" at the top right corner to see our last position transmitted).

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