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Wild Raven Adventure

Week of January 22, 2016 - Kitimat, B.C.

Another beautiful week has just ended. We began it beautifully by meeting two groups of the Mount Elizabeth Secondary School. A huge thank you Laurel for the great opportunity and the very enriching exchanges with the students of your class.

On Wednesday morning, we said goodbye to our friends of The Chalet Motel. Denice, Nadine and all the staff, we will miss you all. A special thanks to Denice for the incredible offer she gave us for our stay, as well as for the shared photos (below) which shows the diversity of the surrounding wildlife and the amount of snow received two years ago. Six feet of snow in less than 24 hours. The photos were taken by Denice's son in Kemano. A special thanks also to Nadine who drove us to the marina the morning of our departure.

Upon arrival at MK Bay Marina, we were greeted by Kevin (the manager) and James. Kevin has a big heart. He has been (and still is) greatly involved in his community. Kevin found us a great place to stay until our departure by canoe. We are warm, dry and the view is simply stunning. View of the bay, snow-capped mountains and Wathl Creek. Otters and mink come to play every day on the docks. The bald eagles fly without worrying about us. They shoot their characteristic cries and make majestic passages over the bay.

On Wednesday afternoon, we met Tracey from the Kitamaat VIllage. A really nice lady. She took care of us the following days and allowed us to be in contact with several people from the community and the Haisla Nation. Besides, we have a busy schedule next week. We met among others Marilyn, Dustin, Cameron, Whitney, Brent. We received extraordinary documentation on the Haisla Nation and books on the arts by Lyle Wilson (cousin of Brent). On Thursday, we attended the Health Fair. Wonderful afternoon and evening with a good meal, traditional singing and dancing. We must say that we truly love the Haisla culture. We cannot wait to learn more next week.

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