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Wild Raven Adventure

Paddles situation update

Good morning to all,

We have received many questions about our paddles and circumstances of breakage.

So here are more detail:

Our paddles have over 15,000km (3 years of continuous use). They had already signs of wear before leaving Winnipeg. The last 6 months have been very demanding & tough on our equipment (paddling upstream & in the ice). Our paddles have been repaired several times. For over more than a month, we have been using the spare paddle (one of our paddle was too damaged). The Peace River is silty and we cannot see the bottom. The latest major hit was given on a second paddle. Only the spare paddle was usable, but also damaged. So we took the safer and a logical decision according to the circumstances.

A huge thank you to Grey Owl Paddles that support us since the very beginning of our adventures, their extraordinary service and exceptional paddles. 3 years and 15,000km of intensive use in all types of conditions, it speaks for itself about the quality of paddles.

We are now in Hudson Hope. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Previous post (October 7, 2016)

We broke our paddles & the spare yesterday. We had to paddle back with the current (much easier in these conditions). Grey Owl Paddles save our day with new paddles that have been shipped in Hudson Hope. On our way, we meet Cristelle & Mike. Great evening & they are give us a ride toward Hudson Hope.

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