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Wild Raven Adventure

Winnipeg, here we come!

On Tuesday, March 22, 2016 we finally left Quebec City (QC) and drove west toward Winnipeg (MB). Six months after our return to Quebec, we were ready to head back to the water. Before we got to this point, we received help and support from so many people.

Our friends, Denis Ratté and Danielle Larivière, who helped us from the very beginning of our project and all along the way. They provided us with furniture and dishes, as our condo was completely empty, and provided us with a place to stay after we sold the condo. They lent us a car for six months and it was in this car that we drove to Winnipeg. Denis took a flight from Florida to come join us on Saturday.

Also our friends, Dave Pelchat and Mireille Bouchard, who are taking care of all the logistics of the equipment and food shipments. They are the nerve centre of the operation. Our friends, Karine Lagacé and David Gallant, took care of our condo in our absence and welcomed us home. Then our friend and veterinarian Marianne Turgeon.

The wait was long in Quebec ... although we were very happy to spend time with our friends. This period was very beneficial for us to find new sponsors and partners. We would like to thank the following companies for their valuable support:

  • ClicAssure

  • Reprographic

  • Clif Bar

  • Happy Yak

  • Hilleberg the Tentmaker

  • DroneXperts et DJI

  • Fjällräven

  • The North Face

  • inReach Canada

  • The North West Company (NorthMart & Northern)

  • Kokatat

  • Grew Owl Paddles

  • Clipper Canoes

  • Arcteryx

  • Hanwag

  • Exped

  • Ortlieb

  • Bugshirt

  • MaClinik

  • Harwest Foodworks

Now that the condo is sold and we are in Winnipeg, we can say "It's really true now! We are nomads." We are ready for the next 20 months of discovery. March 29, 2016 will be our first official expedition day. We begin our journey to the icy waters of Lake Winnipeg near the community of Sans Souci.

Follow us in our adventures!

Note: We would like to thank David Brand and Caroline for their generosity and help. We would like to thank also David's uncle Klaus and his wife Edie for letting us stay at David's grandmother house during our stay in Winnipeg.

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