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Wild Raven Adventure

Special mention

After arriving in Canadian territory on June 29, we took two week vacation. We were extremely well received by our good friends from Stoney Creek. We spent the first week of rest at their place. Thank you Michael and Jane for your always great generosity and hospitality, and thank you as well as Leah and Nancy.

During our second week of vacation, we made a quick visit in Quebec where we surprised friends and family. We share beautiful moments and we would like to thank again everyone for dinners, laughter and the visits. A special thank you to David and Karine who welcomed us for the week, and Danielle and Denis for their support throughout our expedition. For all of those that we have had no time to see, don’t worry, we will see you soon.

Now, after almost 14 months on the water, we are on the eve of starting a new leg. Next Monday, we will be in the beautiful Georgian Bay. Later, we will paddle in the Trent-Severn Waterway, the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, the Rideau Canal, the Ottawa River and the St. Lawrence River up to Quebec City. We hope to meet as many people as possible during this segment in order to share our history and our adventures. We also hope to see again the people who have already marked our journey. Our arrival in Quebec City will mark the end of the first year and a half of exploration and the start of the preparations for another year and a half of expedition.

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