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Wild Raven Adventure

Charleston to Myrtle Beach (SC) / April 18 - 27, 2015

April 18, 2015

An "ing", washing,....... We all need those kind of days. :)

April 19, 2015

We left the marina in Charleston region under a grey sky. Passing near the southern tip of the city, in Charlotte Harbor, we saw hundreds of sailboats. These boats were all here for the "Charleston Race Week", among them were Melees and J-Boats. Despite the bad weather and intermittent rain the crews were all determined to do their best. There were inshore and offshore races. We had the pleasure of seeing both during our passage and even saw some sailing off into the Atlantic Ocean, far behind Fort Summer (which stands in the Charleston Harbor entrance).

We continued our journey in scenery that is becoming more and more familiar to us. We sailed in the Intracoastal Waterway along islands made of mud, oyster shells and weeds. We anchored "Blue Moon" in a place where we understood that it was possible to get to land (for Jasmine). We had to be patient though, as at high tide the islands were all underwater.

Late afternoon we checked the weather forecast. The area where we are was under tornado watch until 10:00pm! We were spared the bad weather, we did not have wind just a little bit of rain. (We learned later that a tornado touched down in Charleston.) We were treated to a beautiful, flamboyant sunset. Then lightning lit up the sky all around us. The atmosphere was special and very beautiful.

April 20, 2015

This morning we headed for Georgetown. When we arrived we discovered a charming city. A city dock is accessible and allows visitors to walk into town. Georgetown is the third oldest city in South Carolina. There are plenty of inviting shops and restaurants, the people are friendly and there are several buildings dating from the 1800s. In 1840 Georgetown County was producing half of all the rice produced in the United States. The city had become the largest rice exporting port in the world.

April 21, 2015

Today, we left Georgetown headed for Myrtle Beach. To our delight we saw trees emerging along the shore and on the islands! It is a promising sign for us. We were particularly excited to see those trees.

We arrived shortly after dinner into Osprey Marina. The marina is nice and has something very different from all the other marinas. It has a large field of goats! The goats quickly captured Jasmine's interest. Turtles came to beg for food around the boat. They are not shy at all! Pierre and King found happiness with the fish. They threw in their lines hoping to catch a good meal ... but no luck.

22-27 April 2015

Wednesday Pierre and King were still having fun fishing while Jasmine carefully observed every ripple on the water hoping to see a miraculous catch. Goats, fish and turtles ... she was a busy lady! There is currently a Bass tournament and several professional fishermen are here to fish in the marina basin. Some of them are very skilled and experienced. They landed some big fish!

Thursday, we drove King and Sharon to Raleigh, North Carolina. They were taking a flight to Denver where they will attend the funeral of their brother-in-law, who died recently after learning that he had pancreatic cancer. All our thoughts are with King, Sharon and their family.

We drove back to Osprey Marina in the afternoon and were back on "Blue Moon." We will take care of her during the absence of her owners. We will pick up King and Sharon next Tuesday in Raleigh.

The rest of our time has primarily been used to do some planning and maintenance. We also went to see the street running along Myrtle Beach. I had never been here before, but Pierre had come here at a young age with his parents. The visit brought back many memories for him.

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