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Wild Raven Adventure

Tombigbee waterway / November 9 - 15, 2015

November 9, 2014

Sharon and King arrived as scheduled last night. We were so happy to see them, as it has been a long time since we have been together. We shared our respective adventures before going to bed. This morning, we had a nice big breakfast before shopping in anticipation of our trip to Mobile, Alabama. We prepared the boat to leave early the next day.

November 10, 2014

We got up early to go through Columbus Lock (John C. Stennis) at 7:00 a.m. This time, there was not much grass in the lock (or "cabbage" as it is called here). For the first 28 miles, we were in familiar territory. We went through the second lock of the day at Pickensville (Tom Bevill). The day was very sunny and comfortable despite the cold night we had experienced the day before (temperature below 0 ° C).

We traveled many miles without seeing anyone else. Some industries interrupted the scenery during the day, but not much. We cruised in a wilderness area. We stopped to drop anchor at mile 277, in a channel adjacent to the main channel.

When we arrived, Pierre and King put the dingy down on the water so we could take Jasmine ashore. In the evening, we could see the Milky Way and stars to infinity. It was very quiet. All we could hear were beavers gnawing tree trunks not far away.

November 11, 2014

Today is Remembrance Day. All our thoughts go to the men and women who gave their lives to save others.

Great day of cruising. We left early in the morning and had breakfast on the way. The night was comfortable and the temperature was higher than it was yesterday at the same time. There was a little mist when we raised the anchor. The scenery was beautiful and serene and it was sunny during the day. We saw, near Epes, magnificent white cliffs that stretched for miles. The white cliffs mixed with the fall colours of the trees were beautiful. We arrived late afternoon in Demopolis. The marina is located 3 miles from the next lock, at mile 216.

November 12, 2014

It was a cold day. We saw more beautiful beaches along the river. The scenery is enchanting. We would have liked to spend a few nights on sandbars, away from civilization, to experience this wilderness. We have also seen Spanish moss growing on trees. We now really feel that we are in the south, despite the cold weather. We stopped in a very small and pretty anchorage at mile 145. Near the entrance, there is a boat ramp. This allowed us to easily take Jasmine ashore with the dingy so she could do her business. A day filled with beautiful scenery and good company with King and Sharon. Life doesn't get much better!

November 13, 2014

We went through the last lock on the Tombigbee this morning, at Coffeeville. Officially, we are now subject to tides, although very low here. The day was cold and grey. It is time to get farther south. We are pleased that King and Sharon have allowed us to sail with them, while our new boat is under construction. We stopped at mile 97 on the edge of the river. The site is very good. We took Jasmine ashore after securing the boat for the night. From the water we could not see far inland. We walked with Jasmine into the forest and to our surprise, we discovered a new world! There were vines that seemed to fall from the sky and twisted trees that formed loops. Really surprising and impressive! We were glad to have seen this place. Tonight, the temperature will fall below 0 ° C.

November 14, 2014

It was very cold this morning when we woke up. We all put several layers of warm clothing on. Around 7:00 am, we pulled anchor. Already, at this early hour, the sun began to warm the cockpit. It felt good!

We saw more beautiful beaches along our route. The scenery is really nice. We appreciate this section of the Tombigbee.

We stopped at the entrance to the Tensaw River for the night. Several boats were anchored already. The place is ideal to anchor (but not to stop with a canoe). We had a beautiful day and we are happy to have spent it under the sun.

November 15, 2014

We left around 7:30. When we first came outside, the sun was mingling with the mist. It seemed that there were golden curtains dancing on the water. It was cold at night and there was ice on the deck. However, the sun was comforting and it quickly warmed all areas exposed to its rays. There were still a few boats at anchor behind us.

The day was superb! We saw big changes during the last 30 miles separating us from Mobile Bay. The vegetation has been transformed. It has been replaced by tall grass and small palms. Then, above the grass, a bridge and buildings appeared. Mobile was close to us and it was the beginning of the afternoon. In Mobile, we cruised in the same channel used by tugboats and commercial vessels. There was a lot of activity in the harbour and various projects underway. There were cranes all over the place. Subsequently, the channel widened to make room for the bay. We had nice big smiles on our faces... it has been a while that we have been traveling on the river. Now salt water is ahead waiting for us!

We stopped at the Turner Marina, at the entrance of the Dog River. We were happy to see Cindy and Grant, from "As the Crow flies". They came to greet us at the dock. Jasmine recognized them the first second she saw them. She was super happy!

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