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Wild Raven Adventure

Jennifer Gosselin

Jennifer has been the operations manager, for several years, for a major Canadian company (1,000 employes). Jennifer completes all personal and professional projects she undertakes. At age 19, she went to live and travel for a year in Australia and became immersed in the English language. Upon her return, she studied Adventure Tourism & Ecotourism, and Management. Jennifer was the logistical support for Pierre on many projects in the past. Her leadership skills combined with determination are two of her main strengths.  

Here are some of her achievements:


  • Australia; travelling throughout and being immersed in the English language

  • Ascension of the highest active volcano in the world (Cotopaxi, Ecuador)

  • Everglades Park (Florida) by canoe - 2010

  • Perseverance Trip (2.200 km by canoe on the Voyageur Route) - 2012

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