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Wild Raven Adventure

Previous projects

Perseverance Trip


A 2.200km canoe expedition made in 2012 by Jennifer, Pierre and Jasmine. This adventure was made on the Voyageur Route, the route taken by the Voyageurs of the North West Company during the fur trade.  The departure took place in Grand Portage, Minnesota and finished up in Repentigny, Quebec.


The Everglades Park by canoe


A 10-day trip in the mangroves, rivers, lakes and the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 (directed by Jennifer and Pierre). The wildlife in the park is amazing and definitely worth a visit.


Quebec City to Tierra del Fuego by Enduro motocycle 


A fascinating adventure of 40.000km throughout North and South America in remote and unspoiled regions that took place in 2002-2003. It was a physical accomplishment and allowed for wonderful encounters with the inhabitants of the various countries. In addition, a humanitarian project was completed in Ecuador (undertaken 6 years before  by Pierre).

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