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Wild Raven Adventure

Project with PALS and PEI students of Pointe-Lévy High School

On April 3rd, we went to Pointe-Lévy High School to meet with 3rd secondary PALS (Arts-Languages​​-Sports Program) and PEI (International Education Program) students. With the help of Mrs. Guylaine Simard (PALS English teacher and instigator of the project) and school’s director (Mr. Luc Lévesque), we have come to a partnership agreement for the next two school years. Therefore, PALS and PEI students (now in 3rd secondary) will follow our expedition for the next two years. They will have different projects attached to our expedition and they will have a blog where they will posted their research, discoveries and stories. A link to their blog will be added later on our home page.

This week, Monday May 12th, we met again with the students. During the lecture, students discovered the material that we will be using for the next two years. We were all together on the auditorium’s stage. Jasmine was also present.

We would like to thank Mrs. Simard who contacted us after our interview given to FM93 on February 3rd. Thanks to her, we have developed a partnership with the Pointe-Lévy High School which will allows students to have different projects open to the world, adventure and perseverance. This is a great initiative which we are proud to be part.

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