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Wild Raven Adventure



We would like to thank the following for their generous financial support!

Amy & Robert Harper

Denis Ratté & Danielle Larivière

Leah Schwenger

Jane & Michael Schwenger

Kevin & Quinten Eade

André Toupin

Lisa & Jim Heywood

Bill Dixon & Friends

Gordon Normand & Shelly Jones

Doreen & Stan

Sheila Fletcher

David Provençal

Greg & Cindy McPherson

Jan & Bill Buck

Jennifer Rogers

John & Mickey Clement

Tim & Nicole (Pine Dock, MB)

Angus MacLeod

David Brand & Caroline Pearce

Seth Till

Addie Lou Chase

Bob & Norma Kamerer

Mark & Jeanne Leuthasser

Stéphane Turcotte

Ken Anderson

Brad Kornelsen

Danielle Pepin & Witmar

Dieter & Hanni Brand

By Michael Ouellet

"Leave everything behind and go on an adventure with a capital "A", that is what we have done. We sold our home , our cars and all of our goods that are not essential for our  expedition. We left the security provided by our jobs and our home to live fully, without constraint. We are modern-day adventurers, explorers of the waterways of  North America."

Through our inReach devise, we share our position on Mapshare and send messages. You will be able to follow us throughout our expedition.

Conference & Team building

Whether you are a school, an organization, a club, a business, we are available to give conference and do team building session. 


You can choose from our standard program or a custom program. Please contact us for more information. 

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We do accept donation to support our expedition. Thanks to all our precious donators.

Education project

Like shopping on Amazon? Please use this link and you will help us fund our expedition. Every time you buy something on through that link, we receive a small contribution. 

The NorAm Odyssey


A canoe adventure across Canada and the USA. Estimated duration of 3 years for 25,000km (15,540 miles) (appr.)


First loop: Completed ... June 6, 2014 - August 31, 2015 

  • 11,000 km (6,840 miles) across Canada & USA

  • 15 months


Second loop: March 29, 2016 - In progress

  • 14,000km + (8,700 miles +) across Canada

  • Estimated duration: 20 months


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